Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Home bound


After that pleasant 18 hours flight with Qatar Airways, I am finally home, safe and sound. Yeah pleasant, minus the fact that the pressure was so high I might hurt my ears. Truly painful, almost unbearable! Bingit sangat telinga but it's gone by now. Travelled solo but luckily met some Malaysians from Manchester Airport so yeah okaylah, not bad. 11A seat for both flight with no company beside - made it even better, all place to myself. Haha actually the second ada orang but she kindly moved because she heard me requesting for another place :P 

The food were all delicious but it would be better if the portion is larger haha because sikit sangatlah untuk seorang yang berpuasa 19 jam dan ke hulu hilir mengangkat barang untuk ditumpangkan ke rumah orang before she takes a train to Manchester and yada yada yada. Pokoknya, sikit je. Such a hungry lady haha. 

And the sky was mesmerizing! Subhanallah, all shades of colour. Saw the sun sets and rises. You see the first picture, camera really did not do justice. It was way more prettier! I really thank God for the experience :) Truly grateful! Now next time I wanna go back UK with love ones hehehe.



Amirah Nasir.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dua Hari Lagi

I'm back from Summer break. Hence two days prior to home, weeeee :3
Just a dont-care shot to update the blog. Stay tune people!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Moving out

The title explains!

Final paper had just ended. Oklah, im convinced insyaAllah. Few days left before home. Hence, shifting out very very soon. So ya, I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss this space of mine hehe.

Much love, G06B.

Remarkable, end of Year 2. In front of the graduation venue 2 years later, insyaAllah.
Sumber inspirasi of all kinds on the board hehe <3