Thursday, November 26, 2015

Life Update kononnya

Assalamualaikum old folks,

I am sorry I didn't update about my life here in UK that frequent anymore (or worst, none for this term!). Obviously was so busy and still am. And definitely more workload and commitments. 

One of the reason i still have not give up on this blog is simply because writing posts improves my writing skill (i hope) and helps me develop my cognitivity and vocabulary as well as verbally (because i tend to speak what's in my mind out loud haha).

Nothing much going on with life except my exams are in 2 weeks and wallahu I just started revising my notes for the first time because I was too focused on my third year project before. Yet i still have to meet my supervisor next week. Hence, extra work for researching. Oh oh got 6/10 for project presentation that day. Was pretty excited because that was the first official formal presentation in the UK. Time for suit up, aint it?! Hahaha and and last weekend, Sheffield had snow falling for an hour :D Not to forget my Sheffield Malaysian Games, we're working real hard to make it the best for players and everyone who will come. Dont forget, 20th Feb 2016 hehehe.

That's all that I could think for now. More pictures soon maybe. Chiow!

Yang ikhlas, cantik dan solehah,
Amirah Nasir.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Proud Daughter

Holla holla, assalamualaikum folks.

Writing in only after week 6 of autumn term. Hectic life bruh! Not even kidding! 

Papepun I would like to congratulate my mummy for making it to the finishing line. Way to go pensioner to be! Hehehehe looking cute there, Mummeh 😄

Yknow what will talk later hahahaha