Saturday, February 27, 2016

God Bless

Assalamualaikum folks,

So today is the weekend after Sheffield Malaysian Games 2016. What can I say apart from Alhamdulillah? Everything has ended apart from the post mortem meeting. MashaAllah lots of things learnt from managing the event. From people's behaviour, to verbal and written commumication, dealing with meetings and most importantly decision makings especially on the day itself - with the non ideal weather. Feedbacks from the event were brutal mashaAllah. Like bullets passing through the heart and head. But what doesnt kill you make you stronger ayte?! 

Again, alhamdulilah is all i can say.

So you can tell how grateful i am that this weekend arrived! I got the time to myself, tidied(?) up my room, did 2 weeks worth of laundry (opps!), stocked up food and whatever mischivieous stuff that have long gone but who has time to go to tesco and do quick shopping hahaha.

Anyways, because of the previous hectix life, whatever i do now, i choose to do something that makes me feel closer to home. Hence, shopping at a big tesco instead of tesco extra or so. Went with  le housemate, Syira. Took random pictures in there! 

This as you can see is a unique packaging of grapes here. Cuz the usual ones is packaged in a fixed shape plastic. Hard to explain tho. And those watermelons, oh god you dont know how terrible i craved for one! Juicy mouth watering wotahmelon! 😭

Taugeh boleh takkkk hahahaha

And lastly, me and my friends 😈😈😈

Amirah Nasir.