Sunday, May 14, 2017

Our Final, Annual, BBQ.

Assalamualaikum folks,

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock.

It is the 14th of May. And that means, 9 days to my first paper. The last battle for my degree life. Then, I am done. But till then. ME-RE-PUT. Hahahaha

So since exams are approaching, so does Ramadhan. So like always, we will have the UniKL BBQ session. Usually on Afeeq's birthday but this year we postponed to wait for Afeeq's sister to come. And the day is today.

Come to think of it, alahai... I cant really express my feelings. Not sure too emo or too numb haha. But for sure it's more to sad and sure rindu lah nak tinggal student life hmmph. Today was all sunny and right when we finished everything, renyai and berangin. Cannot stand weh padahal for hours it was sunny haha. We came here in a package of 10 but we go back in 8. But that's alright, God has better plan for all of us.

God what's next?
Pursuing with studies?


Sokayyyy, let's just focus on the 4 papers I will face. Prayers for all of us ya.

And pictures from today ;)

Friday, May 5, 2017



Hahaha this is so random but I was scrolling my social media and saw something. I really want a birthday celebration with pink and black/white balloons. Those hot pink balloons and shiny helium balloons. It's so expensive in Malaysia. One huge balloon cost around RM50. But the balloons in the UK is only £2=RM10. Maybe before I go back for good I will buy some for myself and just go to the party shop in Malaysia to fill the helium gas hehehe



Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Last Summer, I came back to the UK early with Fareed. Then, I moved out from my old house. He helped me with the moving. It was  tiring because I had a lot of stuff, no kidding! & because our travelling and commimuting with the jet lagging, it doubled the tiredness. By 8pm everything is done, so to reward him, I planned to cook. So I cooked. And let me tell you something. It happens every single time I am tired. My cooking will not be a success. It's either the chicken were overcooked, or undercooked or hangus. 

So that particular day, my nasi goreng was something wrong and the omelette hangus teruk that we had to throw it away. I was so stressed and feel like crying because I was tired and embarassed. I have been meaning to impress him. But this guy, Fareed, was smiling all the way. I asked him "Kenapa you senyum senyum ni. Tak sedap sangat sangat ke?". Then he replied, "Hahaha takdelah (menipu je lebih), you're the girl I want to marry." 

I think he was thinking habislah perut aku. Masak tak sedap and all. But it was a good pondering hehe. 

I dont know why I am writing this. Maybe because it's international women's day and I came across, "Women is great. You give them groceries, they make a meal out of it". Hahaha even if it's hangus and tak sedap, still a meal. 

And probably because, Fareed reached Malaysia 12hrs ago and he texted he reached home and visited the grave. And he texted asking for me but I was sleeping soundly for 12hrs and didnt realised his text when I promised him that he can contact me whenever he wants, that I will be there for him. His father passed away two days ago. Al fatihah to Uncle Azmi bin Abdul Samad. May Allah bless his soul and forgive him. And may he be amongst the righteous! Aamiin! 

x Mia.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spring with the Flowers, M

Hi assalamualaik' yalls,

One week of the Spring term has passed and boy was it hectic. Mondays are the worst. Full class from 10am-5pm with only one hour break in the middle and including the meeting for FYP. And you know as much as I love getting feedbacks from my supervisor albeit his harsh way in conveying the messages, it will always make me think and realise (of course, sometimes in fear). But all is well at the moment, insyaAllah.

So far I managed it will very little tears and disappointment (still learning to be stronger than ever ok, so pardon me huhu and and... it helps me to sleep even faster at night haha). I'm trying to minimise my dependence in sharing my problems with humans but just to my one and only god, Allah! I find sharing worries with people do not do much help. They can only listen (that is, if they are willing) and say "I understand".

But they dont..... so yeah.

Anyways, I am so proud of myself for keeping true to my new year's resolution! I am and will continue being positive, come what may :) Enough of self pity, misery and unnecessary worries last year. It is my time to shine like a jewel under pressure, like my dad always refer me to hehe <3

The rest of the week like Tuesdays are gonna end late because class starts in the afternoon. I'm looking for two hours class every Thursdays and Fridays but since the deadline for FYP report is around the corner, the free times are much filled with labs and analysing and cracking my head to get a better results.

One thing for sure, I learnt that in order to succeed and survive this phase, now, I had to care less of people and it actually numbs me. It's sad because it kinda means my expressiveness is taken away. However, if it makes me more happy and worry less, I will. For example, I usually like to share the small small things but I think some people find it trivial to enjoy with me. Not saying I will not enjoy the little things anymore. But it's just that I will enjoy it alone from now on. Be happy with just me.

To a positive life ahead; I will bloom like the magnolia in Spring, even the slightest wind will not shatter me but instead it serenades the surrounding with its glory.


Friday, January 6, 2017


Hi yall,

So I just got back from Cardiff and before that I celebrated NYE in London. Wasnt the greatest experience because my goodness - the crowd and big tall people, cant even get through them! Fuh.

I've got quite few to share but pffft, time envies. It's all separated day events. A day we went to Winter Wonderland like finallyyyy in the final year haha and the next day we celebrated the NYE at the Primrose Hill like 15mins walk from Camden Town underground station. But best to say, I think it will be worth the rush and crowd near London Bridge or Tower Bridge or Big Ben because yknow the firework view's good. The cold, it's pretty much the same everywhere. In Primrose... well if you dont mind to see just small fireworks haha go there then!

So let the picture talks :) (and no firework picture cuz hell yeah, it was that small and far to capture even when you zoomed in the camera pfffft!)

Mia x

Saturday, November 5, 2016

5 Nov

Assalamualaikum old folks,
and helloooo there everyone hehe :D

So I just came back from a night walk. So it's 5th of November aka Guy Fawkes. It's a celebration by the British to memperingati kejatuhan gun powder treason that occurred long time ago. So basically this Fawkes guy was planning to go against the government during that era and was caught bringing a gun powder to explode the (kingdom?) I supposed. His head was chopped and diarak at the whole city. The tagline for this event is always, "Remember, remember the fifth of November". Now during the modern days, they celebrate it with bonfire, burning tables and chairs and also having fireworks. In UK, fireworks are forbidden except for times like this. So you can actually see lots of beautiful fireworks all around the city especially like where we spend our night - Park Hill, overlooking a part of Sheffield.

The nights tarted when we wanted to go and see the Christmas Market because it just started. Well when Mira said we're going at 7pm, I doubted myself cause yknow that would be a surprise if there's any outdoor activities pass 5pm in the UK haha. But then I just went along cause I was so bored sitting in the room. And... I was right! Everything was closed except for the beer popped up shop. So we decided to eat somewhere else. But the real question was... where? Some suggestions were Noodle Doodle, Noodle Inn and more but we end up going to OISOI! Omg this is the best decision ever made yalls! The food was well presented, the taste was wallah and it was quick with good service! There were 7 of us and 5 decided to eat nasi. So we shared lauk - Steamed Seabass, Chicken Kungpau and Fried Squid, Scallops and King Prawn. MashaAllah the most satisfied dine out ever in Sheffield. I may sound exaggerating but no my love, no! It really was the best because the price was sensible with the portion and taste. Because we shared, each of us paid GBP 12.80. Are you kidding me? It was so goooood that I'd pay more for it! Hahaha ok moving on...

Then by the time we finished eating, it was 8.45pm if I'm not mistaken. So we decided to go to a higher place in Sheffield to just enjoy our night. And being near the train station, the Park Hill was the closest highland there. Oklah, saw lots fireworks from afar and a few rockets burnt near our place. So comel because the rockets popped like kentuts hahaha and we will wuuuu and awwwwh to support the guys for trying to entertain us haha. And mind you it was 3degrees but felt like 1degree. MashaAllah sejuk gila ok, siap pakai leggings, thermal socks and mafla. STILL UNBEARABLE! But enjoyed the chill session anyway haha.

Then we proceeded to go have some photoshoot at the Peace Garden. Please lah it's one of the beautiful places in Sheffield and not always youre out at the city at night kan. So we went on capture here and there anddddd memories. Then we went through Divison Street having our own sweet time. Stopped here and there to enjoy the near fireworks before I said I wanted to play at the playground for awhile. Yayyyy got to feel and main. Because I've been needing to play to let the stress out haha. It's been so depressing lately. And after like 10mins, we finally go back to Broomhall haha. 

So much love tonight. I felt like half of my stress I had vanished. And I just called my old folks at home, another half of the stressness went off. Now it's tidur time. But let me say it again, this is definitely one of the most highlighted nights in my Sheffield uni life. How small things can make an impact hehe. Alhamdulillah thanks ya Rabb for easing me. Toodles yall!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Assalamualaikum there,

So here's the final look of my room! 

And a photo of me blessing ur day hahaha :p