Saturday, November 5, 2016

5 Nov

Assalamualaikum old folks,
and helloooo there everyone hehe :D

So I just came back from a night walk. So it's 5th of November aka Guy Fawkes. It's a celebration by the British to memperingati kejatuhan gun powder treason that occurred long time ago. So basically this Fawkes guy was planning to go against the government during that era and was caught bringing a gun powder to explode the (kingdom?) I supposed. His head was chopped and diarak at the whole city. The tagline for this event is always, "Remember, remember the fifth of November". Now during the modern days, they celebrate it with bonfire, burning tables and chairs and also having fireworks. In UK, fireworks are forbidden except for times like this. So you can actually see lots of beautiful fireworks all around the city especially like where we spend our night - Park Hill, overlooking a part of Sheffield.

The nights tarted when we wanted to go and see the Christmas Market because it just started. Well when Mira said we're going at 7pm, I doubted myself cause yknow that would be a surprise if there's any outdoor activities pass 5pm in the UK haha. But then I just went along cause I was so bored sitting in the room. And... I was right! Everything was closed except for the beer popped up shop. So we decided to eat somewhere else. But the real question was... where? Some suggestions were Noodle Doodle, Noodle Inn and more but we end up going to OISOI! Omg this is the best decision ever made yalls! The food was well presented, the taste was wallah and it was quick with good service! There were 7 of us and 5 decided to eat nasi. So we shared lauk - Steamed Seabass, Chicken Kungpau and Fried Squid, Scallops and King Prawn. MashaAllah the most satisfied dine out ever in Sheffield. I may sound exaggerating but no my love, no! It really was the best because the price was sensible with the portion and taste. Because we shared, each of us paid GBP 12.80. Are you kidding me? It was so goooood that I'd pay more for it! Hahaha ok moving on...

Then by the time we finished eating, it was 8.45pm if I'm not mistaken. So we decided to go to a higher place in Sheffield to just enjoy our night. And being near the train station, the Park Hill was the closest highland there. Oklah, saw lots fireworks from afar and a few rockets burnt near our place. So comel because the rockets popped like kentuts hahaha and we will wuuuu and awwwwh to support the guys for trying to entertain us haha. And mind you it was 3degrees but felt like 1degree. MashaAllah sejuk gila ok, siap pakai leggings, thermal socks and mafla. STILL UNBEARABLE! But enjoyed the chill session anyway haha.

Then we proceeded to go have some photoshoot at the Peace Garden. Please lah it's one of the beautiful places in Sheffield and not always youre out at the city at night kan. So we went on capture here and there anddddd memories. Then we went through Divison Street having our own sweet time. Stopped here and there to enjoy the near fireworks before I said I wanted to play at the playground for awhile. Yayyyy got to feel and main. Because I've been needing to play to let the stress out haha. It's been so depressing lately. And after like 10mins, we finally go back to Broomhall haha. 

So much love tonight. I felt like half of my stress I had vanished. And I just called my old folks at home, another half of the stressness went off. Now it's tidur time. But let me say it again, this is definitely one of the most highlighted nights in my Sheffield uni life. How small things can make an impact hehe. Alhamdulillah thanks ya Rabb for easing me. Toodles yall!


Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Assalamualaikum there,

So here's the final look of my room! 

And a photo of me blessing ur day hahaha :p

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Start

Assalamualaikum, hi everyoneeee!!

Im sorry I made too much promises. Want to update abt this lah that lah but i didnt! Hahahaha baddd time management i have here. Gotta change right!? Lol

So anyways, i'll just summarise how my first week of year 4 went. 

Well apparently I only have 3 modules for autumn term because I dropped one and changed it to another in summer term making it 4 (dreadful memorising) modules for me to endure. & apart of the modules, i have my final year project (FYP) to deal with. So you can pretty much tell, I'm a lil bit free this term but omygosh freaking busy next term. But whatever, I'll definitely enjoy it since it's my last year. And as for my FYP, for now, I have to read & summarise 10 journals in less than 10 days. So yeah, so called free huh?! Haha

Well went to freshers' fair just for the sake of collecting all the free gifts and goodie bags hahaha. I must say that this year's was by fsr the best fair I've went to. So many booths that could actually really benefit us students. Not just lame ones. & suprisingly, there was wilko and morrisons. Like whattt two supermarkets together? In an event? Wow! Even got a packet of free spags. Yay save money no need to buy for groceries hehe! And ohhh, there was even Asos van. They offered free customised tote bag. Of course I will sign up, you silly you! Hahaha cemtu kan sanggup lol. And the best part is it's not that packed that you cant move at all. Like what happened last year oh god. And like past years, got free dominos (but i wasnt that excited anymore to queue for 3/4 times for free slices! Lol!).

Then there was the student lock in night in meadowhall. I was contemplating about going there. In the end.... i went! (Of course, or else takkan im writing about it haha & i just went to the city earlier with Farah, for some window shopping lol). That Thursday my allowance wasnt in yet so I mampu untuk tengok and adore je. But truthfully I was there just for the experience since Ive never been into one. Well, there was so many booths to try like fake carpool karaoke, soccer, virtual reality and more. I tried VR tho, twas cool!! It would be even better if the straps were tight and wont slide down with every single movement i made admiring the fake reality hahaha. I choose the space experience. And it shook when the satellite exploded. The realitiness hmmm i would give 7 out of 10. You might feel a slight dizziness after that. We actually have to sign a disclaimer hehe. 

So on Saturday, I went out with Lulu for brunch and some catch up sess. Talked about what we did on summer and typical life and studies. Then i spend the whole evening in the IC cuz well.... FYP! And my laptop charger decided to fail me the exact time i wanted to start doing it hehe. & no more procrastination, had to go to the library. And that night I went to the freshers welcome party with the Havelock mates hehe. Food by lemakmanis was spicy af but salright. Hahahah not until this morning that it backfires. Sakit do perut hahaha berapa kali trip pergi tandas dah. Well anyways it's Sunday now and im supposed to start my reading already but nahhh. Lol no lah, I'll start very sooon! The weather's not helping!

Meet Oluchi Emenika or Lulu, for short.

What life? Hmmm haha

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Final Home Called Havelock

Assalamualaikum folks,

So i just finished moving my stuffs into my new house. The final house in Sheffield, finally. Feels so fast lah huh. Rasa macam baru semalam datang Sheffield. Aiyaa but whatever it is, we gotta cherish the moments ayte?! :)

Gg do pindah rumah. Dah lah baru balik from Austria travelling. (I'll blog about that later okay?) Luckily i have my dearest boyfriend and classmate to help me out with it. Thanks Fareed and Zahir! 😛👊🏼  Five trips using Yafai's trolley hahaha yknow me ever so many stuff. All important okayyyy 😅 (yeah i know i know, dont give me the face 😛). Cant imagine not having the trolley haha bless you Yafai :)

Alhamdulillah pretty satisfied with everything tho. Cuz i actually gambled saying yes to this house. It was last minute decision. Never even viewed this house haha. Got the front room with an okay view :) Feels more like a neighbourhood. & this house has 2 toilets and showers. Very very plus point okay! Hahahaha & landlord, Mr Asif ( also my previous' house landlord) changed the carpet. Terbenam je kaki dekat carpet tu bila menapak. Lovely jubbly!! Also our curtains are pink and velvet! Gotta love Mr Asif for being understanding man. Love you lots man! God bless you!!

I got good feeling for this house. Keep the positive vibes coming home! Well till then, my stuff cant unpack themselves dont they haha. Bye!

Just a portion of my importante stuffs hehe

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Hardest Goodbye -Pt 1


It's in the middle in the morning and i just finished packing. Because the night before Kak Iroh and I spend our time bringing the kids out for some food and then to Kak Ecah's house. Well since maybe Kak Ecah cant send me off. Quite sad lah to be honest cuz well my sister kott! Haha

Fuh the bag is darn heavy i havent actually packed properly cuz some items are still left outside. Contemplating about bringing it with me or not. One side is all baju then another is all food. And my make up/ skin care box, very very heavy! Just realised it now -.-

Oklah i better get some sleep now. Too tired and it's gonna be a long day tomorrow. Definitely want to wake up early to maximise the time left with my old folks. Hmmmm :/

 These three bags yet i need more space! Typical me! Hahaha

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Rezeki tertangguh

Aku kembali menulis & will straight forward jump to my rant slash advice slash however you take it but certainly not perlian. 

Dalam hidup ni, bukan semua kita boleh dapat. People always say Allah will either give you now, later or better. And it's always hard to practise the advice we give to others kan. Kata orang sebab bukan kau yang rasa boleh lah cakap. Bukan macam tu?

One thing i can tell & share with you, last year (third year degree) wasnt the best year of my life. I wasnt dealing with life and challenges well. I felt like i had to readapt with my life, studies was pretty hard & i have other responsiblities with work and all the people under me. I failed to balance my life, i failed to manage time, i failed amost every aspect in my life. & being far away from family wasnt any of a help. It took a personal toll on me and i swear i was losing the essence of being the Amirah! At the outside, everyone would see the same me. But in the inside, im slowly changing. I am no longer cheerful, no longer want to socialise. I constantly cry when i am alone (as though crying is my hobby) and at one point i skipped class the whole week & wasnt me anymore. Like a lunatic very depressed person. 

But everything is long gone and ive realised how bad i was when it's too late. Alhamdulillah im ok now. I learnt that kita perlu sentiasa BERSABAR dengan ujian Allah dan BERSYUKUR kerana masih disayangi Allah. I regret not cherishing every moment in last year that when I looked back throughout the year, i can barely remember what i did - cuz i was busy being sad. 

Year 3 - only sad moments. 

Such a waste! 

I want to tell you my friend, you were with me when I was like that, I understand your frustrations (cuz now am feeling so frustrated youre being this.) & let me tell you, how much i appreciate you for being there. Maybe you dont get what you want now. But there is so much blessings in the world that you own and cant count. These times are hard but i promised you to be your side.

Sabar dan beryukur, ok?

Nak masuk final year dah. In two weeks time i'll be heading back to the Uk. Hopefully everything is all rainbow and sunshine haha (or at least most of the time!) 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Otw Home #1


Kami otw balik! Hehe first time balik berteman. Kalau tak, sendiri lah pack sendiri lah drag bag yang berat tak pernah tak capai 30kg+7kg tu sorang sorang haha. 

Walaupun balik kali ni penuh berita berita yang bukan nak kita nak dengar. Btw sekarang ni otw dalam bus from Cardiff to London. Tibe tibe teringat time travel ke Paris.

We wanted to buy a monopod near Sacre (I forgot the name). A bangladesh guy ni he wanted to sell it for €10 but we said we will only buy if it's €5. Tawar tawar semua. Try cakap English, dia tak paham. Try cakap slow slow pun tak paham. Siap tunjuk sign 5 dengan tangan. Pun tak paham. Then we just went off. 

Pastu kawan dia dekat sebelah (assuming kawan sebab Bangladeshi jugak since in Paris ade 2 orang asing yang abundant - Bangladeshi and Nigerian) macam cakap cakap lah, tegur dia. Kenapa kau tak reti nak cakap Engkish yg basic pun tapi kan kau nak menjual. Cemtu lah. 

So kita pun terpikir lah macam mana lah dia punya gamble datang Paris from Asia just to cari rezeki despite not knowing to speak English and not even French. Kesian. May Allah protect and ease every single soul that has hope and effort to make a better living. Aamiin!

Teringat ayah selalu cakap, "This is the survival of the jungle. Only the strong wins." Oh boy, this concept memang applicable sangat for studies as well 😊 So kena lah usaha keras dalam hidup ni hehe 💕

Mia x

Thursday, March 10, 2016

When LIFE kicks you

Assalamualaikum folks,
How are you doing? Cuz if you were to ask me...
Of all the time in my life, honestly this is the most challenging moment. When I am young and naive (not that I am no longer this!), I always thought that the adults and experience people are absolutely poyo for giving this statement - “When you grow up, you’ll be busy chasing everything and yet forgetting everything you own let alone, to be in the moment and lastly regretting it. So, enjoy better your life.”
Aku macam, hmm yeah yeah whatever.
But then, recently life kicks the hell out of me. Well actually, since a few months ago. Till recently, I could not bare the pressure any more. THE MOST MASSIVE ULTIMATE breakdown I have ever experience. Haa gittuw dia punya exaggeration! I really do not have specific reasons to why it happened. I guess I was compressed a little to hard that even small things that don't go my way could tear me down. Another issue apart from the breakdown is, you got to play along and show happy me to the world! Tu yang paling susah kot! At this point, faking isn't going to work. But that's the least you can do to conceal kan sebab outsiders takkan tahu (actually more to you dont want them to know). Not even insiders. Unless if you really barged in, because who would ever show the pain kan? I definitely would not.
Tapi alhamdulillah lah sekarang recovering. The fact that I would want to open up on my problem is a good sign kan. Thank you to the Al Mighty for still blessing me with beautiful souls that care about me so much! Hikmahnya, at my lowest point, I get to know how much people loves me and truthfully, I now value my love ones even more!
Sekadar bercakap melalui pengalaman, andai kata kawan kawan anda tu at the state like me. You hug them! Give cliche quotes or kata kata semangat, because Lillahi "life must go on" and "be strong, as a leader EQ kene tinggi" really comforted me! MashaAllah, especially to those yang hidup jauh dengan family, and friends je yang kita ada. Selalu lah amal amalkan. It might help the well being of others, in a way that it would help yours. Trust me. Sekarang ni, take your phone and call them tanya khabar! Go now! Don't care how awkwardly and how long you guys have not being in touch with them. You might discover something hehe.
Remember this, orang yang selalu ceria tak semestinya tak sedih :)
Another one thing, back to basic, to Allah!

P/S: Ini baru ujian mental hidup sebagai mahasiswi. Not yet to deal about love ones leaving for good. Hopefully when the time comes, I will be ready and prepared :’( 
Yours truly,
Amirah Nasir.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

God Bless

Assalamualaikum folks,

So today is the weekend after Sheffield Malaysian Games 2016. What can I say apart from Alhamdulillah? Everything has ended apart from the post mortem meeting. MashaAllah lots of things learnt from managing the event. From people's behaviour, to verbal and written commumication, dealing with meetings and most importantly decision makings especially on the day itself - with the non ideal weather. Feedbacks from the event were brutal mashaAllah. Like bullets passing through the heart and head. But what doesnt kill you make you stronger ayte?! 

Again, alhamdulilah is all i can say.

So you can tell how grateful i am that this weekend arrived! I got the time to myself, tidied(?) up my room, did 2 weeks worth of laundry (opps!), stocked up food and whatever mischivieous stuff that have long gone but who has time to go to tesco and do quick shopping hahaha.

Anyways, because of the previous hectix life, whatever i do now, i choose to do something that makes me feel closer to home. Hence, shopping at a big tesco instead of tesco extra or so. Went with  le housemate, Syira. Took random pictures in there! 

This as you can see is a unique packaging of grapes here. Cuz the usual ones is packaged in a fixed shape plastic. Hard to explain tho. And those watermelons, oh god you dont know how terrible i craved for one! Juicy mouth watering wotahmelon! 😭

Taugeh boleh takkkk hahahaha

And lastly, me and my friends 😈😈😈

Amirah Nasir.