Thursday, December 3, 2015


Assalamualaikum folks,

So my final exam is in less than a week, thankfully dah buat revision but still not satisfied with my progress. But that is not the bad part. The bad part was, I was down with fever for the past 3 days. It come and go. Hence, lack of focus and yknow it's always bad to be sick before exams.

To make it a story, my housemate did what a housemate should do (i guess, common sense of living together.). She made me porridge and cut some apples. Well to me this is the least you could do kan, but honestly rasa terharu. Being away from home, you just want people to treat you nicely especially when youre sick. Kalau dulu duduk student accommodation, tak dapat lah mcm ni. Kalau sakit, sakit sorg sorg je. 

And for this ya Allah, i thanked you for your mercy and these little angels. May You forgive us all :')

Jazakillah sisters :') besarnya hati ini Allah yang tahu!

Yours truly,
Amirah Nasir.