Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The #RTL14


It was September the 1st. Finally, our September Dream is coming. The clock ticks. After all the stressness, hardwork, pestering and discussion, my group was set to fly off to Sheffield, United Kingdom on the 13th of September 2014. Mixed feelings! Unstable emotionally!

Left Malaysia tanah air tercinta at 9.25pm.
Route: Malaysia-Bangkok-Cairo-Manchester and Sheffield by train.

Whoops, lucky me... sebab takde kekosongan ekonomi kelas, iolls punya tiket diupgradekan ke business class. It was really goooooood! Masuk masuk dapat kain lap aroma (very refereshing), hot delicious food (I particularly love the croissant) and the motherly elder stewardess made the ride so homely. *A not so secret anymore: I cried silently on the flight. So having her, warms me*

To get to the final destination takes us all about 28 hours. Very tiring! And the jetlagged we faced. God knows! I overcame it after a week in the UK, which i must say, agak lama ah.

Touchdown Cairo Airport

This is how my business class looks like haha not as exclusive as the first flight


Broomhall neighbourhood, tumpang rumah senior.

And the end.... Not really good at words!


Monday, September 29, 2014

The Nightmare


Of fears and desires.

Before I made the decision to continue my studies abroad, I had this one fear sticking in my head. Up till now! I fear my love ones go and meet the Al-Mighty while I am far away from home. I just cannot imagine. Annnnnd, I had this nightmare. Two days ago!

Then just now, I dreamt being in Malaysia. Ready to get back to Sheffield, again, very unready and rushing. Made me felt so lonely and sad, hence the weeping in the room. I called Mum and that was bad actually.

I am sorry.
I just have not settled down yet when I thought I did.

I just need a hug, that's all. Someone sisterly, or motherly.

First Day Of Class


Class started at 10am. My friends and I made a move at 9.30am since we have not surveyed the place (though my accommodation is just 5 minutes away). To get to the building was easy but not for the lecture theater. We went round and round for the LT. But at last, we found it! My class was already half full by then. The class was approximately of 130 people. Did made friends with 2 or 3. BUT I WANT MORE! Hahaha insyaAllah nanti nanti dapatlah tu heheh

Right in front of the library, called IC.

Day one, done! I had three lectures. Alhamdulillah paham lah accent lectures, but when it comes to Dr McGregor, macam alamak this is hard. Once you feel sleepy, that's it. I even caught myself mengelamun because I tried hard nak focus.

"Weh aku mengelamun do" "Hahahha sama ah aku" said Dila and Syaza.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Prep


For months after finals in MICET I have been preparing the documents and stuff to UK. The times I had to follow mum to KL are countless. Listed are just a few steps.

The documents are:
1. Passport. First things first, you just can't proceed with anything without it. Make sure to bring a document stating you're going abroad to study. For my case, it's MARA agreement or, university conditional offer letter will do.

2. ATAS certificate. The online application is just complicated and such a nuisance. Not to mention, you have to be very careful with the modules you'll taking. It takes you up to 20 working days for the certificate. Mine took less than that but mind you, my friend got it only after a 6 weeks. Worrying! And stressful!

3. CAS Statement. You'll get this usually after you received the unconditional offer letter from the university you'll be attending. It's very important!

4. TB Test. There are only 6 health centres that are recognised by the UK goverment, nearest to me is the Lifecare in Bangsar South. So, situ je buat. It cost about RM210.

5. Medical Checkup. You could just download the form kalau MARA or you scholar bagi lambat. It's always the same borang for MARA. Doing it together with TB test can save you a few puluh ringgit!

6. The Ultimate VISA. Yes, to get this done. You have a list of things to settle, such as above! Well, nowadays ade appointment je, no more walk ins. My time, I had to pay $530. I'm sure this will increase. And mind you, it is only for the process. If anything goes wrong throughout the process, guess you'll have to pay double (the second time), just like my friend. It depends on the date and time you apply the visa, I advice you to go 10 to 12 in the morning. Not so many people, you can end everything by an hour or less. The process? Easy. Go to 3rd floor, hand in your documents for checking purpose then proceed to 19th floor. You'll be called twice. Once to hand over the documents, second time for biometrics purpose. Then done. Wait for a week, you'll receive 2 emails. One from Manila, saying your visa will be despatched and another saying your visa reach the application centre.

And I highly recommend you to just stay outside the campus.
It's way cheaperrrr! Uni accommodation can cost up to GBP 500 while staying outside paling mahal pun GBP 300. Tu pun actually expensive. Memang tak inclusive internet, gas and electricity. But why pay for the public kitchenette, living room, common rooms and facilities when you're not gonna use it often pun. And the local people makes a lot of noise, they're very loud. Not to forget, partied really hard.

My group from UniKL had to attend 3 camps. Banyak sangat camp that we called it as BTN 1.0 (the real one), BTN 2.0 (the islamic one, plus keselamatan negara) and BTN 3.0 (pre departure that turns out to be like a vaca for us). Sumpah tak masuk akal, but we went anyway.

All pictures from BTN 1.0

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Purpose

Assalamualaikum alaik'

As the title speaks, I'll be writing again (after years quiting) - in this blog. Just simply for my parents in Malaysia. To keep update of my life here in Sheffield, UK. It's kind of hard to contact virtually hehe. And I prefer not to show in on facebook, it's too public there haha.

Well... Yep, I just arrived a week ago. It seemed long tho, I missed my home already! And of course, my dearly parents, siblings, family and friends. I will be continuing my studies in MEng Chemical Engineering, Year Two in The University of Sheffield. And as I'm writing right now, it's an hour prior to the welcoming talk in Octagon Hall. It's 8 degree currently. Very cold, ikr (I know right)! But no worries, it gets as warm as 13 degree throughout the day hehe rase macam poyos pulak :D

Will be keeping in touch. By the way, the name is Siti Amirah. But preferable, Mia... for friends! :)

// I'll post pictures soon as I get back from the events. So chalo chalo!