Tuesday, October 4, 2016


Assalamualaikum there,

So here's the final look of my room! 

And a photo of me blessing ur day hahaha :p

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Start

Assalamualaikum, hi everyoneeee!!

Im sorry I made too much promises. Want to update abt this lah that lah but i didnt! Hahahaha baddd time management i have here. Gotta change right!? Lol

So anyways, i'll just summarise how my first week of year 4 went. 

Well apparently I only have 3 modules for autumn term because I dropped one and changed it to another in summer term making it 4 (dreadful memorising) modules for me to endure. & apart of the modules, i have my final year project (FYP) to deal with. So you can pretty much tell, I'm a lil bit free this term but omygosh freaking busy next term. But whatever, I'll definitely enjoy it since it's my last year. And as for my FYP, for now, I have to read & summarise 10 journals in less than 10 days. So yeah, so called free huh?! Haha

Well went to freshers' fair just for the sake of collecting all the free gifts and goodie bags hahaha. I must say that this year's was by fsr the best fair I've went to. So many booths that could actually really benefit us students. Not just lame ones. & suprisingly, there was wilko and morrisons. Like whattt two supermarkets together? In an event? Wow! Even got a packet of free spags. Yay save money no need to buy for groceries hehe! And ohhh, there was even Asos van. They offered free customised tote bag. Of course I will sign up, you silly you! Hahaha cemtu kan sanggup lol. And the best part is it's not that packed that you cant move at all. Like what happened last year oh god. And like past years, got free dominos (but i wasnt that excited anymore to queue for 3/4 times for free slices! Lol!).

Then there was the student lock in night in meadowhall. I was contemplating about going there. In the end.... i went! (Of course, or else takkan im writing about it haha & i just went to the city earlier with Farah, for some window shopping lol). That Thursday my allowance wasnt in yet so I mampu untuk tengok and adore je. But truthfully I was there just for the experience since Ive never been into one. Well, there was so many booths to try like fake carpool karaoke, soccer, virtual reality and more. I tried VR tho, twas cool!! It would be even better if the straps were tight and wont slide down with every single movement i made admiring the fake reality hahaha. I choose the space experience. And it shook when the satellite exploded. The realitiness hmmm i would give 7 out of 10. You might feel a slight dizziness after that. We actually have to sign a disclaimer hehe. 

So on Saturday, I went out with Lulu for brunch and some catch up sess. Talked about what we did on summer and typical life and studies. Then i spend the whole evening in the IC cuz well.... FYP! And my laptop charger decided to fail me the exact time i wanted to start doing it hehe. & no more procrastination, had to go to the library. And that night I went to the freshers welcome party with the Havelock mates hehe. Food by lemakmanis was spicy af but salright. Hahahah not until this morning that it backfires. Sakit do perut hahaha berapa kali trip pergi tandas dah. Well anyways it's Sunday now and im supposed to start my reading already but nahhh. Lol no lah, I'll start very sooon! The weather's not helping!

Meet Oluchi Emenika or Lulu, for short.

What life? Hmmm haha