Thursday, September 15, 2016

Final Home Called Havelock

Assalamualaikum folks,

So i just finished moving my stuffs into my new house. The final house in Sheffield, finally. Feels so fast lah huh. Rasa macam baru semalam datang Sheffield. Aiyaa but whatever it is, we gotta cherish the moments ayte?! :)

Gg do pindah rumah. Dah lah baru balik from Austria travelling. (I'll blog about that later okay?) Luckily i have my dearest boyfriend and classmate to help me out with it. Thanks Fareed and Zahir! 😛👊🏼  Five trips using Yafai's trolley hahaha yknow me ever so many stuff. All important okayyyy 😅 (yeah i know i know, dont give me the face 😛). Cant imagine not having the trolley haha bless you Yafai :)

Alhamdulillah pretty satisfied with everything tho. Cuz i actually gambled saying yes to this house. It was last minute decision. Never even viewed this house haha. Got the front room with an okay view :) Feels more like a neighbourhood. & this house has 2 toilets and showers. Very very plus point okay! Hahahaha & landlord, Mr Asif ( also my previous' house landlord) changed the carpet. Terbenam je kaki dekat carpet tu bila menapak. Lovely jubbly!! Also our curtains are pink and velvet! Gotta love Mr Asif for being understanding man. Love you lots man! God bless you!!

I got good feeling for this house. Keep the positive vibes coming home! Well till then, my stuff cant unpack themselves dont they haha. Bye!

Just a portion of my importante stuffs hehe

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